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3D Thermometer Graph

The 3D Thermometer Graph class by Black Locust Software is a flexible, easy-to-use, attractive PHP charting component. One of my customers wanted a fundraising goal thermometer in PHP ... and wanted a 3-dimensional effect. Not finding one available commercially, I developed this one.

Here's a sample of its capabilities:

Sample 2 is a smaller version.

Sample 3 has a key to aid comprehension.

Sample 4 has auto-scaling capabilities.

Most of the thermometer charts in use by my customers use only 1 or 2 colors and graph only 1 or 2 data series. Some of them omit the text and are sized small inside the <img> tag.

See the full documentation for an explanation of all the class's capabilities.

If you're not sure whether the 3D Thermometer meets your needs, please ask me . Further capabilities will be added as needed.

When you're ready, please buy it now!